HOPEgenesis is a nonprofit organization in the field of medicine that address the issue of low birth rates in Greece. For the past years, Greece has been moving towards a demographic deadlock. Research indicates that the number of births to deaths registered in Greece are no longer in surplus. Demographic surveys and polls carried out by the United Nations show that since 2010 Greece’s population has decreased by 0.4% and is projected to decline further. By 2050, Greece’s population is estimated to be 6 million citizens contrary to 10 million, which is the approximate number today.

HOPEgenesis’ mission is to provide comprehensive medical care and treatment for women who become pregnant until the day they give birth. The organization focuses on women living in isolated islands and remote areas in Greece, and aims to establish close collaboration with local communities in order to provide the necessary assurance to women who are already pregnant as well as the motivation to those contemplating on becoming pregnant and having children.

HOPEgenesis’ overall mission is to contribute to the revival, development and the gradual increase of Greece’s population.