HOPEgenesis is a Greek non-profit organization active in the field of medicine and social welfare that addresses the issue of low birth rates in Greece. Its mission is to help to increase the birth rates in Greece. HOPEgenesis provides comprehensive health care and treatment for women who become pregnant until the day they give birth.
The organization focuses mainly on women who live in remote rural areas or isolated islands in Greece. In order to be more effective, HOPEgenesis has established close collaboration with local communities in order to provide the necessary reassurance to women who are or want to become pregnant.
Our research has shown that the key reasons for the low or no birth rates in these areas are not purely economic. Insecurity and lack of medical facilities have also contributed to this problem. HOPEgenesis provides women living in these areas, which lack pre-natal provisions, with a wide range of services and care. Our goal is to reverse the alarming negative birth rates in these regions.
Failure to address the status quo will have serious long-term implications not only for these regions but also for Greece as a whole.

HOPEgenesis’ overall mission is to contribute to the revival, development and the gradual increase of Greece’s population.