Who can benefit from HOPEgenesis?

1. Local government & municipalities with very low birth rates wishing to integrate their communities in the HOPEgenesis program. Communities with negative birth rates or zero births are prioritized.

2. Women from the island of Kalymnos on their 3rd pregnancy.

3. Pregnant women or women considering pregnancy who are permanent residents in the HOPEgenesis adopted regions.
The permanent residence can be certified:
A. Certification of permanent residence from the Municipality of the local authority.
B. Utility bill

Pregnant women who apply to HOPEgenesis must not have surpassed the 18th week of their pregnancy.

3.Women who want to become pregnant but due to fertility reasons are not able to. HOPEgenesis offers IVF services at 28 islands in collaboration with major Greek fertility centers. The islands included in the program are the following:

Agathonisi Agios Efstratios Anafi Antikythira Arkioi Chalki Donousa Elafonisos Folegandros Fournoi Gavdos Irakleia Kalamos Kasos Kastellorizo Kastos Kimolos Koufonisia Leipsoi Meganisi Nisyros Oinousses Psara Pserimos Schoinousa Sikinos Thymaina Tilos
Who can benefit from HOPEgenesis IVF services?
Women who are permanent residents in the 28 islands.
Yearly income up to 14.000€
Have National Insurance EOPYY

Please note
HOPEgenesis offers its support to those eligible, women or municipalities, regardless of any financial and economic criteria. The regions that have been adopted are regions were the per capital income is among the lowest in the country

or Municipality

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