Who can join HOPEgenesis?

HOPEgenesis offers its help to pregnant women and municipalities in remote areas in Greece.
To apply for HOPEgenesis the following criteria must be met.

1. Pregnant women or women wishing to become pregnant and who are permanent residents of a region/area where HOPEgenesis is present and takes action.
2. Pregnant women or women wishing to become pregnant, who live in isolated and/or remote regions in Greece, but do not belong in any of HOPEgenesis action/regions.
3. Local government representatives and officials who wish to integrate their community or municipality in the organization's program.


How can I learn more about HOPEgenesis?

For more information about HOPEgenesis you may sent us an email to hope@hopegenesis.org requesting information, calling us at +30 210 6455353, or by visiting your local information points (Municipality, Town Hall, etc).


Does HOPEgenesis offer IVF services?

HOPEgenesis offers IVF services at 28 islands in collaboration with major Greek fertility centers to women who want to become pregnant but due to fertility reasons are not able to. . The islands included in the program are the following:
Agathonisi Agios Efstratios Anafi Antikythira Arkioi Chalki Donousa Elafonisos Folegandros Fournoi Gavdos Irakleia Kalamos Kasos Kastellorizo Kastos Kimolos Koufonisia Leipsoi Meganisi Nisyros Oinousses Psara Pserimos Schoinousa Sikinos Thymaina Tilos


Who can benefit from HOPEgenesis IVF services?

Woman who are permanent residents in the 28 islands.
Yearly income up to 14.000€
Have National Insurance EOPYY


How can I support or contribute to HOPEgenesis?

If HOPEgenesis inspires you, here is how you can help. Become a(n):
Volunteer: participate in the work and functions of HOPEgenesis. Donor: donate and financially support the work and functions of HOPEgenesis. Ambassador: help communicate and highlight HOPEgenesis’ mission and goals abroad in every opportunity and by any means possible Member/Friend: pay an annual fee and keep informed about all activities and news regarding HOPEgenesis Sponsor: financially sponsor one or more pregnant women and ensure that all pregnancy-related financial obligations are covered Major Sponsor: financially sponsor a community or an island/village by way of a company’s CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility).


What is HOPEgenesis main goal?

HOPEgenesis’ overall mission is to contribute to the revival, development and the gradual increase of Greece’s population. HOPEgenesis offers free comprehensive medical care and treatment to women who live in isolated areas of Greece, either the Greek islands or the mainland, wishing to give birth.


When was HOPEgenesis founded?

HOPEgenesis was founded in 2015 by Stefanos Chandakas MD MBA PhD, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Minimal Access Surgeon in an effort to present a solution to such a major issue of low fertility plaguing Greece in recent years.


Who contributes to HOPEgenesis’ activities?

The activities of HOPEgenesis are funded by donors, members, sponsors, other organizations, companies, institutions, etc.


Does HOPEgenesis accept donations? If yes, how?

HOPEgenesis accepts donations. You may donate by filling out the donor’s form .


Do I receive a certificate of participation as a volunteer?

Yes, HOPEgenesis offers certification to all volunteers as well letters of recommendation, upon request.


If selected as a volunteer, does this require daily work?

HOPEgenesis informs all volunteers for its activities. As a volunteer you may choose the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to the organization


Can I participate in the program as a volunteer even though I have a full time job? Can work and voluntary service be combined?

Voluntary work for HOPEgenesis is not restrictive to any of its volunteers. The program and schedule of events may be seen in HOPEgenesis’ newsletter and one may be able to choose in which activities he or she is willing to assist in.


I'm already pregnant and I am a permanent resident in one of HOPEgenesis regions. Am I still eligible to join the program?

Certainly. HOPEgenesis applies to all women who are pregnant or are interested in having children. You can fill out the contact form.


If I do not belong to any of HOPEgenesis action regions, am I still eligible to join the program?

It depends. HOPEgenesis focuses in remote islands and isolated areas in mainland Greece. If you live in such an area and HOPEgenesis is not affiliated with your region, you may fill out a form and send us your request. Our team will examine it and reply to you as soon as possible.


How can I join HOPEgenesis

Joining HOPEgenesis is a very simple process and requires the completion of a communication form. Based on the permanent residency of the applicant, the request is processed by the HOPEgenesis administrative members


Do the obstetricians-gynecologists of HOPEgenesis make "house-call" visits to the locations/island which HOPEwomen reside?

This service is not provided. HOPEgenesis covers all travel and accommodation costs for HOPEwomen and partner to Athens, where all necessary pregnancy examinations before and during pregnancy are performed, as well as monitoring by a team of certified obstetricians-gynecologists and safe birth in a reliable maternity hospital.