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Become a friend of HOPEgenesis and enable women living in remote areas and isolated regions of Greece, to travel to Athens and be properly monitored on their pregnancies by a team of obstetricians-gynecologists, give birth in a reliable maternity hospital, absolutely free, with no economic obligation and regardless of their financial background.

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Upon your registration as a Friend of HOPEgeneis you will receive a package entitled “I AM HOPE” and you will be included in our newsletter and our HOPEgenesis Friend’s List for 2018. HOPEgenesis will occasionally be sending you email communication to inform you of news, events, and information relevant to you and HOPEgenesis. Be advised that we will also be sending you a yearly renewal reminder which is optional and at your discretion. If you require assistance in opting out of emails, or do not agree in any of the above, please contact HOPEgenesis at hope@hopegenesis.org